Community Connection

Worship Service 10:00am every Sunday

God is better than we think, so we ought to change the way we think: Bill Johnson

Community Connection


We have a range of dynamic ministries dedicated to serving the community and the mission of the church.

GateWay Kidz

On Sunday mornings our children participate with our combined worship before participating in their respective activities

For more information phone Marijan (07) 542 2147

Hours: Sunday mornings 10:00 am

GateWay mainly music

School Term Thursdays at 10am

Songs, Music, Dance and Rhythm for your preschoolers.

Come along and make new friends.

$4 per family. Morning tea provided.

For more information phone Marijan on (07) 542 2147

GateWay School of Supernatural Ministry

Planning new curriculum! 

Training to be Naturally Supernatural: Culture change, community transformation and encounter

His will be done on earth as it is done in heaven:

Using the curriculum of the ‘Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry’ (Redding California) and other media, practical application and assignment

To register your interest, and be placed for any updates phone Steve (07) 542 0729

Or email:

GateWay Youth

In recess at present: Will keep you posted

Bright Beginnings Child Care Centre

We are an early childhood ministry that demonstrates Christ’s love and values making the most of every opportunity  to touch any person of any age with the grace of God

Hours: 7:o0am-6:00pm Monday to Friday
Phone: Roz (Centre Manager)       or       Christel (Administrator)

(07) 542 1810

Bay Healing Rooms

First Thursday of each month (except January)  1:30pm – 2:30pm

No appointment necessary and no charge

We run from the Hillier Centre, Gloucester Street, Bayfair

Contact Numbers for more details: Raewyn 027 314 1197

Also see ‘Papamoa Healing Rooms’ Facebook page

Papamoa Baptist Church - Gateway to Grace



To Release Grace, Hope and Freedom.

Excerpt from our story:

‘Many of the people who have come and gone over the years have been bearers of varying degrees of emotional, physical or religious trauma. Many of whom have come or been caught, have been tagged: touched, cleansed, liberated, equipped, encouraged, refreshed, healed, baptized, made whol-er. They then have relished in their new freedom and found the courage to move forward, move away or simply start afresh.’


Making the most of every opportunity to touch any person of any age with the grace of God.

Motives: (Core Values)

1. Exclusively Inclusive:

We seek to have an honouring and practical outworking of faith in all our relationships with friends, family, colleagues and community

2. Irresponsibly Responsible:

Responsibly communicating God’s ‘Irresponsible’ grace

3. Predictably Unpredictable:

Facilitating life spontaneously, abundantly and joyously

4. Naturally Supernatural:

Uniquely empowered by a Supernatural Spirit to fulfil God’s purposes

5. Comfortably Uncomfortable:

It’s all about connecting and relationship

Map: (Our simple strategy to fulfil our mandate, mission and values)

Circulate… among friends, family and community

Cultivate… a relationship with God with others

reCreate… everyone I meet will benefit from me being in relationship with Jesus Christ

Celebrate… God’s transforming Grace every chance we get

Metaphors: (Concepts that help us understand our Mandate and Mission)

iMagining our future as a better place

We’re creating a community of God’s people where everyone is welcomed and integrated no matter who they are. We’re creating a community of God’s people where everyone will be challenged to respond to grace, not commanded to perform to certain standards, rules or regulations

We’re creating a community of God’s people where artistry and beauty is appreciated, where talent is welcomed and enhanced and developed to its greatest potential, where the best songs have yet to be written

We’re creating a community of God’s people where there is complete freedom yet full participation, where we will be so ecstatic over our relationship with the Living God that our exuberance would bubble out of us like springs of life giving water

We’re creating a community of God’s people where the presence of God is so real that people will be cueing up at our doors (here and at home) wanting to know how they can have what we’re having, and a place where people are healed through worship because of His presence

We’re creating a community of God’s people where there will be unlimited resources because of our generosity as God’s people. A place where instead of us applying to community organizations for grants, people will be applying to us for grants, we will be the giving organization

That’s the plan!

Papamoa Baptist Church - Gateway to Grace


# Encounter Nights Monthly during 2016

Our Last Major Event: PURSUIT: The Worshipers Conference 2015



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